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Sunday Spread 28.04.2019

This week’s tarot cards are from the fantastic Zombie Tarot deck. You can get these cards from many retailers, both online and offline. They add a bit of retro fun to a spread, as they feature an ever growing zombie outbreak in the face of the apocalypse. What better weapon to have against the undead hordes than a pack of tarot cards, featuring a box which looks like an old ammunition box?

So, onto this week’s ‘chosen three’ cards. You can see the image below of the cards. See which one resonates with you, and then be sure to read on for the reveal!

Image showing three card backs from the Zombie Tarot deck. They each have a dice above indicating number 1, 2 and 3.

These are the three cards from the Zombie Tarot. Once again, we seem to have a tie between the most chosen cards. So we will take them in numerical order as to the most popular. The two most chosen cards are number one and number two. Number three is a close contender, but there is a difference, thankfully.

So, we shall begin with revealing card number one below.

Number One – Five of Cups

Card Number One: The Five of Cups

This card is commonly seen when things have not gone your way, or if all seems lost at the moment. It could be the culmination of things not working out as you wished they had, or simply the loss of a great idea.

Focus now on what went wrong – but do not spend too long grieving this lost aspect, as the world will move along without you in it.

You may be stuck in the past, unable to move on, or simply let go. No one is suggesting you forget – just to let go and live. Learn from the mistakes, learn from what didn’t work out.

Remember to live in the present and not allow the past to drag you down.

Things are waiting for you; new, shiny things. But only once you have accepted what has happened and made steps to move on in life will you reap those rewards. Blessings may be hidden in disguise, but you are too caught up in your own sadness and grief to notice new opportunities.

The next card which was most popular is card number two.

Number Two – Six of Swords

Card Number Two: Six of Swords

Transition is afoot. It could be a rite of passage or a release of baggage from past dealings. Change is not to be feared, and this has long been in the works. You may be moving house, changing your job, or you may be moving country. You are leaving what was seen and considered as familiar and taking a step (or leap!) into the as yet unknown.

It may bring you sadness to take this much-needed step into the unknown and into new territories. However, you know in your heart of hearts that this is the right path on which you need to follow.

Stepping away from things which no longer serve you – be it a relationship, job, house or country – will benefit you in the long run. A lot of the time, we are sentimental beings, and we tend to choose to hold on to those things which may not actually serve us. However, a change is as good as a rest, and things will settle down once more.

It can be easy to dwell on things which once anchored you as you move into your new life. This card gives you permission or instruction to move forward without looking backwards. You made those choices because they needed to be made. Holding onto the past is not going to do anyone any good, especially you.

There is, however, nothing wrong with taking the time to reflect on what has come to pass. Events in our lives make us who we are. Taking the time to reflect and in turn let go of these feelings and aspects will help clear the way for new things to become settled and certain.

Through this inner reflection, decide what you want to hold onto in your new life moving forward. Do not take what no longer serves you, mentally or physically.

The final card is number three.

Number Three – Seven of Swords

Card Number Three: Seven of Swords

This is a card which symbolises some form of deception or trickery is afoot. It may be that you are sneaking around, doing things which you perhaps shouldn’t, whilst hoping beyond hope that these things do not see the light of day.

It’s also a possibility that you are the one being manipulated. You could be dancing to the tune of someone else’s beat, so to speak.

It is a very difficult game to play if you are deceiving others. If you are especially unlucky, it may be that you will be caught in the act, and your true self will be revealed.

You may be on the receiving end of this deception, trusting someone who you think is genuine and honest, but being stabbed in the back when you are not looking. This could be through any number of things – infidelity in a relationship, or just someone trying to gain and hold the upper hand in a situation of power.

The main thing to remember with this one is to listen to your gut. If something or someone seems too good to be true, then those things likely are. Instinct is a very strong tool, and this card is telling you to start using it.

It can also be symbolic of being able to use the ‘backdoor’ to get results that you want. Perhaps you are able to take a shortcut in whatever you are doing in order to get what you need, without going down the traditional routes.

You also need to keep an eye on any potential workloads. We can only do so much as humans, and the more we take on, the worse the end results are likely to be. If you have ‘bitten off more than you can chew’, as the saying goes, you may not be able to focus fully on the tasks you need to get done, and instead end up worrying about them.

This card can also be related to procrastination. Are you putting things off that you really should be getting on with? Are there tasks or assignments you should be doing, but the cleaning or watching a movie seems that bit more important at this moment in time? Cut the crap and get on with what you should be doing. You’ll thank yourself later!

An image of all three cards revealed

So which card did you resonate with? Let us know how your week goes in relation to this!

Sunday Spread: 31.03.2019

This week’s Sunday Spread is here! Every Sunday, we will be posting an image with 3 tarot cards for you to choose from. First, you will need to focus on the backs of the cards, and let your intuition guide you to the one which is relevant for you this week.

Here are the three cards. Focus, see which one feels most relevant to you. Further down in the article we will be discussing each card in turn and what it can mean or imply.

Three card backs from the Gilded Tarot card set. One is on the left, two is in the middle and three is on the right.

There are many tarot spreads available for you to choose from, and many decks nowadays have their own spreads they have created based around their theme.

There is another article coming soon which talks about tarot use and spreads in more depth. For now however, we are just going to tackle each of the three cards posted above and their meanings.

So if you have chosen your card, let’s get onto the reveal and what they mean!

The three cards revealed from 31.03.2019

Number One

Moderation, balance, patience and purpose.

This one is all about balance. It’s one of the major arcana cards, and these are different from the minor arcana as they do not belong to a set of suits. Therefore, they have their own meaning compared to following a general rule of intention.
This card shows the balance between two of the most basal elements: fire and water. There is also the aspect of being half in and half out of the water. Everything in moderation is key at this time. If there are things you are trying to balance, this can indicate you are on the right track. Keep the balance, and persevere. A lot of the time, we can be very eager to push ahead with things. This card can indicate the need to slow down, see what is needed and balance accordingly. Stay true to yourself, and balance what you believe in.

Number Two

Ace of Swords
New ideas, mental clarity, breakthroughs, success.

This is it. The thing you have been searching for, the impetus to go ahead and forge new projects, to unleash new ideas, is here.
The ace of swords is the beginning of the suit of swords in the tarot. These are extremely direct and straight to the point – as you would imagine from a sword. This is the time to strike. The energies are in your favour to bring new projects to life, or to let something you are not sure of, go. The sword has been drawn – it is now up to you to utilise your mental clarity and willpower in order to make what you want to happen, happen.

Number Three

Knight of Swords
Ambitious, fast-thinking, action-oriented and driven to succeed.

This knight is on a mission to achieve their goals with nothing to stop them. This card can suggest that although you may be steadfast and unwavering in your convictions, you may feel the need to charge straight into things without thinking them through 100%. High levels of energy and force are perfect for you to ride out any storms and ‘keep calm and carry on’.
A potential downside to this card is that you may act too quickly before thinking an opportunity or task through. A ‘bull in a china shop’, as it were.
The knight of swords shows a use of intellect to attain your goals, along with the willpower to succeed. Just remember to sit back from time to time, look at the bigger picture and don’t rush ahead too swiftly.

So which card were you drawn to? Are the energies something you can harness this week in order to get things done? Let us know!

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