Our Story

HekseCast is designed as a platform, a speaking board, where like-minded people can learn new things, or hear from people involved in the scene. The episodes are designed to be short and so are perfect to listen to in bites. These are also perfect to combine into your morning or evening commute, or even whilst you’re getting dinner ready. Bite-sized podcasts for the busy world we live in. Therefore, this podcast is easy to take in, whenever you can.

Your Host

With a background in broadcasting, your host Charlotte has always been interested in radio and all things related to it. Becoming interested in the occult at an early age by borrowing endless divination and magical books from the local library, it makes sense that Heksecast is related to the very things they love- magic, folklore, divination and the occult.

History of ‘Hekse’

The word ‘Hekse’ is a word seen in many European languages, and it means ‘Witches’. In Danish, it is the plural form of the word ‘Heks’ meaning ‘Witch’. Witches are not all bad; the word witch in English is simply described as a wise woman. However, over the years witches have ended up with a bad rap- being blamed for all kinds of unspeakable things.

However, this podcast aims to show you the real side to the way that witches live. We don’t all wear cloaks and not all witches are female. I would like to note here that in this podcast, witches and Wiccans are treated as entirely different things- you can be a Wiccan without being a witch and vice versa. Some believe the two names are interchangeable. Some believe the names are separate.

Expect to hear interviews and read features and reviews from subjects related to the world of not just witchcraft, but also the umbrella of Paganism in general. Magic does not care for borders or titles; it just is. So within you will find a mixture of content and ideas from cultures all over the world.

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