News and Updates: 25.04.2019

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We missed out last week on news and updates, as we were out of the office on a much-needed long weekend. We hope you enjoyed the long weekend, whatever you did with it!

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ISON are releasing their second official studio album next week. Called Unison, they will also be releasing their newest music video for one of their brand new songs, Stranger79.

ISON was born in autumn 2012 after a trip to the south of England, the period in which the comet with the same name was discovered. Alec and Daniele have created this experience by mixing the respective music peculiarities, finding a synthesis in the world of electronic music. Trip-hop, ethereal, ambient, darkwave and dream pop blend in mystic and dreamy atmospheres.

Two voices in harmony merge with the soft and industrial sounds of the instrumental compositions: brass, strings and drums are geometrically tuned to the variety of synthetic noises.

You can find out more about ISON and their music by clicking here.

Circle of Spears Productions are set to start performing their play WITCH from 5th May at the Boscastle Museum of Witchcraft and Magic.

Promotional poster for the WITCH performances

I wanted to be able to combine my knowledge of history with my love of theatre and came up with the idea of dramatising actual transcripts from English witch trials in order to explore the social issues which contributed to accusations of witchcraft. I also wanted to find a performance space that was both intimate and evocative.
Where better to perform a play about witch trials than in the library at the Museum of Witchcraft and Magic?

Tracy Norman, writer of Witch

You can find out more about the performance company can be found here, and you can purchase tickets via their shop which you can find here.

Ravenzcraft Arts has their latest interview live on their site. This one is with the artist and creator behind the musical project Gealdýr.

The interview is with Jonathan Barendsma, and was released on 20th April 2019. You can find the interview by clicking here.

The next interview from Ravenzcraft Arts is due out on May 10th with Blòt heathen. There is an official event set up for this so you can stay up to date with the updates and the discussion. You can find the event by clicking here.

Remember, if you run a pagan event, own a pagan shop with events coming up, or something has happened in the pagan scene that you want us to write about, let us know!